TIW Began as a General Oilfield Repair Facility
The year was 1917, and the newly developed rotary oil drilling technique caused a boom in the oil patch at Sour Lake, Humble and Goose Creek. Towns filled with roughnecks sprang up overnight as people rushed to harvest the black gold which lay under the Gulf Coast marshlands of Texas. On April 10 that year, members of the Pearce family, who were blacksmiths and machinists, pooled their abilities, cash, machinery and knowledge to found Texas Iron Works. An office was set up in Houston and the first machine shop opened in Goose Creek, which is now part of the modern refining and steel center called Baytown.TIW History

Initially, TIW began operations as a general oilfield repair facility. Before long, Drillers would come by and say, "If I had a tool that would do this it would really help." As more and more requests came in for new tool innovations, it started a vital way for doing business at TIW: listen to the customer and do everything possible to meet their needs.

For almost a century now, TIW has been a leader in introducing new tools and technologies to the industry with hundreds of patents under the TIW name.

Throughout the many years since the founding of Texas Iron Works and our growth into a global company we had become known simply as TIW, so in the early 1990’s we changed our name to TIW Corporation. The name was the only change. We are still lead by our original founders, the Pearce Family and we are still committed to providing our customers with equipment to meet their needs in this continually changing industry.

Today, TIW continues the proud tradition as a leader in providing custom-engineered drilling and completion solutions for the global oil & gas industry. The ability to look ahead and anticipate the needs of our customers has kept TIW on the cutting edge of new technology and that extraordinary vision just seems to get better with age.

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