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Providing innovative, custom-engineered drilling and completion solutions for the global oil and gas industry, TIW Canada offers a complete line of Liner Hanger Systems, Expandable Liner Systems, Completion Packers, Safety and Kelly Valves, Window Cutting Products and Specialized Service Tools. 
TIW has a long history of providing fit-for-purpose cutting-edge technologies to meet the industry's demands. Our highly experienced personnel provide extensive operational knowledge, engineering expertise and are committed to working with our customers to ensure professional, reliable and safe implementation of technologies to meet the challenging environment of today's oil and gas exploration.

TIW offers a complete line of:

TIW Canada Ltd's objective is to furnish products that meet all our customers' requirements and to complete each project on time every time. Through the development and implementation of our Quality Assurance Program, we will provide the necessary policies and procedures to ensure that all quality aspects have been addressed.

TIW Canada is committed to provide quality product that is manufactured fully in accordance with the project specifications. These total management concepts have been instituted at all levels of our organization. TIW Canada is ISO: 9001 and API Q1 certified.

TIW Canada Ltd. is committed to the continual improvement of the TIW Canada Quality Management System as well as product quality itself. The requirements of the QMS and its effectiveness are fully supported by top management throughout the organization.

Please note: All inquiries should be directed to the region where the project will take place to ensure TIW may quickly and accurately handle your request.

TIW Canada

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