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Safety and Kelly Valves

TIW Safety & Kelly ValvesTIW Stab-In Safety Valve is designed to quickly stab into the drill pipe or tubing and close in case a well kicks. The ball-type design permits it to be compact, easy to handle and yet very strong. This valve is designed to only hold pressure from below the ball.

While API does not address the requirements of this valve design, TIW manufactures and tests these valves with the same specifications as the Class I Kelly Valve with exception of the upper ball test.

TIW Class I & Class II Kelly Valves may be utilized as a Drill Stem Safety Valve or as an Upper or Lower Kelly Cock and is designed to hold pressure from both directions. The ball is stainless steel and closes easily.

The full bore Kelly Valve provides bores equivalent to the drill pipe or tubing connections and won’t interfere with running tools like core barrels or survey tools.

Valves can be configured to match field end connections up to a 4” bore.

TIW Kelly Valve Design and Quality System are certified by API.

TIW Safety and Kelly Valves are also offered for H2S service, meeting all NACE standards.

Standard Pressure rating is 10,000 PSI Test with higher pressure ratings available.

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