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3D Wellbore and Graphing Software by Pegasus Vertex, Inc.

TIW Drilling Software Capabilities
TIW utilizes a suite of engineering software programs by Pegasus Vertex Inc. to model wellbore conditions and compatibilities with tool deployment. The use of these modeling programs helps us and our customers to optimize the technical decision process in the well completion planning.
PVI programs used by TIW include:
  • TADPRO – Torque & Drag Model
  • SURGEMOD – Surge Model
  • TMPRO – Tubing movement Model

FEA Modeling
FEA Modeling by ANSYS

Our engineering team utilizes ANSYS software to preform FEA modeling and performance analysis. This provides the ability to model stress and load effect on various components and structures and allows our team to verify performance of our products before it is rendered in steel.

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