Rental Tools

Our unique family of specialized service tools stems from listening to our customers' needs and engineering and developing custom designed fit-for-purpose tools to accommodate those specific service requirements. 

When you are facing a unique challenge and you need a specialized tool to accomplish the goal, give our team an opportunity to bring more than 96 years of experience in down hole tool development to the table to work with you in solving the issues.

We often work with our customers to modify current tools to meet a particular requirement or we can provide the engineering and field experience to developing a new and unique service tool to meet most any requirement for your project. 

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Oil and gas rental tools

TIW's line of rental tools is designed to meet our customers' needs while developing customized fit for purpose tools.

Our rental tools include:

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FlowBoss Surge Reduction System The max bore technology reduces the surge pressure on the formation when running liners in tight tolerance applications. The system permits faster trip-in speeds while reducing the possibility of formation breakdown and fluid losses.
CPT High Load Downhole Jack Featuring a multi-stage hydraulic actuator with a hydraulic set, the system has a mechanical releasable anchoring system. The toll functions as a down hole hydraulic jack that is utilized for slot/casing recovery or fishing operations. 
CTO Casing-Tubing Opener This tool offers a unique hydraulic actuator with a mechanical anchor and anvil to provide the down hole forces necessary to open collapsed casing or tubing. The anchor system can be set, unset and then set again multiple times in a single run, allowing the CTO to open long areas of collapsed pipe.



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