TIW Corporation's Quality Commitment

TIW has established a company wide quality program to ensure the performance, safety, and reliability of all our products in meeting our customers' requirements.

TIW's quality program is structured to meet the intent of ISO 9001, API Q1, and BS-5750. With these standards as a solid base, TIW has established rigorous quality practices throughout the organization, from the first design concept to the successful completion at the well site in order to produce quality products and to deliver quality service.

Each facility within TIW maintains a quality system which is centrally managed by the TIW Corporate Quality Management Team. Together, they all support the commitment to produce the highest quality products to meet our customer's requirements.

TIW maintains two certifications of our Quality Management System from ABS and API. Annual audits by both certification providers ensure the TIW quality process meets or exceeds the industry standards.

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Health Safety and Environment TIW Quality Commitment
Quality Policy:
Get the job done right, as fast as possible, to meet the customers’ requirements and continually improve the TIW quality system.
Quality Objectives:
  • Engineer TIW products to maintain a continually improving level of performance
  • A timely delivery of properly manufactured TIW products and services

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