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TIW XPak™ Liner Hanger System

TIW XPak™ Expandable Liner Hanger SystemThe TIW XPak™ Expandable Liner Hanger System is designed to run with standard liner applications and incorporates industry-proven expandable technology to provide a liner top anchor/sealing device unmatched in the industry. The TIW XPak™ system is used anywhere a robust liner top seal is needed or where a slimhole design is required to mitigate ECD issues. The TIW system has been used on land and offshore around the world from the U.S. and Canada to the Middle East and North Sea.


  • High torque capabilities for rotation and/or
  • drill down operations
  • Manufactured from standard OCTG material
  • High pressure integrity equal to casing design
  • High load capability with ability to support long liners


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