Liner Hanger Systems

TIW manufactures and sells a complete line of tools for setting and cementing liners over a wide range of depths, weights and sizes. 

Our equipment has been used around the world on some of the deepest and most difficult wells, on state-of-the-art horizontal completions, in deepwater applications, and on less challenging wells where the customer simply wanted the most reliable completion equipment available. 

We can recommend individual products or equipment combinations to meet the conditions of any well, anywhere in the world.

Our company was founded in 1917 and in those early days we established a solid commitment to listen to our customers and develop fit-for-purpose tools to help solve their problems. This commitment has resulted in hundreds of innovative liner deployment tools designed to meet specific requirements for new well construction and for remedial or workover applications. 

Today our commitment to innovation, quality and reliability is stronger than ever. Our portfolio includes liner packers, liner hangers, setting tools and accessories, surface cementing equipment, downhole cementing accessories such as port collars and stage cementing tools and tieback equipment.  

Our Liner Systems are available in hydraulic and mechanical settings and can be configured for rotation, reaming or drill down capabilities. 

Liner Systems

TIW offers a complete line of tools for setting and cementing liners over a wide range of depths, weights and sizes.

Our Liner Systems include:
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Liner Packers

Integral Liner Packers are run with the liner hanger to provide a positive liner to casing seal at the liner top. TIW manufactures a series of liner packers to meet both low and high pressure needs.

Setting Collars

The setting collar provides a connection point for the setting tool to carry the liner in the hole. It can be configured with a tieback receptacle to allow the liner to be extended up the well if required.

Liner Hangers

Liner hangers provide the ability to suspend the liner inside a previous casing string. TIW offers a wide variety of both mechanical set or hydraulic set liner hangers. We can provide a wide variety of hangers to fit any application requirement.

Setting Tools and Accessories TIW offers an extensive variety of setting tools and accessories designed to carry the liner in the well and optimize the operational requirements of liner installations. 
Surface Equipment Cement manifolds and other surface tools are used to accommodate circulation and cementing operations commonly associated with liner deployment.
Tie Back EquipmentTIW manufactures a variety of tieback seal nipples and tieback packers to accommodate liner top extension and remedial operations.



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