Expandable Systems

TIW Corporation continues its tradition of developing new technology to meet the needs of oil and gas exploration with the 2T-XPatch Two-Trip Expandable Isolation System and the XPak Expandable Liner Hanger/Packer System.

Expandable technology provides greater options for operators as wells get deeper and hotter and for deepwater and ERD applications.

Find out more about TIW's Expandable System: The 2T-XPatch Two-Trip Expandable Isolation System and the XPak Expandable Liner Hanger/Packer System.

The development of expandable tubular technologies is considered one of the most revolutionary technologies introduced in the oil and gas drilling and completion fields in past several decades. The successful expansion of a steel tube provided a unique challenge to engineering teams as the technology began development.

Extensive engineering, testing, field trials and cooperation between operators and service providers thinking outside the box has brought expandable systems to the forefront in meeting the requirements of drilling in the more challenging environments such as deepwater and HP/HT applications. Expandable systems have also proven an effective tool in extending the production capabilities in older developed fields.

TIW has been a leader in the development of expandable systems and continues to think outside the box to bring new and innovative tools into the market. Additional new tools derived from expandable development include the TIW CTO Tool to open collapsed tubing or casing and the CPT casing pulling tool utilized for slot recovery and fishing operations. New systems under development include expandable cladding systems.

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Expandable Runs Completed to Date

TIW has a wealth of experience across the globe in expandable systems and industry-proven expandable technology including conventional liner casing applications and straddle-pack type systems.

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2T-XPatch Two-Trip Expandable Isolation System
The TIW 2T-XPatch™ System is a two trip straddle packer (scab liner) system providing operators the ability to isolate – with conventional tubulars – casing defects in virtually any desired length string or the largest inside diameter found in the industry today.
XPak Expandable Liner Hanger/Packer System

Designed to run with conventional liner casing applications and incorporates industry proven expandable technology to provide a liner top anchoring and sealing device that is unmatched in the industry



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