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  • TIW Linger Hanger Systems
  • TIW Linger Hanger Systems
  • TIW Linger Hanger Systems
  • TIW Linger Hanger Systems

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    TIW Corporation
    P.O. Box 35729
    Houston, Texas 77235-5729
    Tel: 713-729-2110
    Fax: 713-728-4767
    TIW Canada Ltd.
    1750 700-6th Avenue SW
    Calgary, Alberta T2P 0T8
    Tel: 403-263-9174
    Fax: 403-237-5387
    TIW de Mexico, S.A. de C.V
    Km 5.5 Carretera Villahermosa Cardenas
    86280 Villahermosa, Tabasco
    Tel: 52-993-337-9265
    Fax: 52-993-337-9264
    TIW Ecuador
    Avenida Repulica De El Salvador 836
    Edf. Prisma Norte
    Officina #53
    Quito, Ecuador
    Tel: 593-22-922-602
    Fax: 593-22-459-348
    TIW de Venezuela (East)
    Entre Calle Orinoco Y-Calle Columbia
    Anaco Estado Anzoategui
    Tel: 011-5828-24254451
    Fax: 011-5828-24254275
    TIW de Venezuela (West)
    Av. Intercomunal
    Entre Carret "O" y "P"
    Apartado No. 46
    Zona Postal 4019
    Ciudad Ojeda-Estado Zulia
    Tel: 011-58265-6412348
    Fax: 011-58265-6410945
    TIW Hungary LLC
    H-5000 Szolnok, Mester 35
    Tel: 36 30-9355719
    Fax: 36-56-422638
  • TIW U.K. Limited
    Unit D Abbotswell Road
    West Tullos
    Aberdeen, Scotland
    AB12 3AD - United Kingdom
    Tel: 44-1224-894411
    Fax: 44-1224-896171
    TIW International Inc.
    Loyang Offshore Supply Base
    Box 5000
    Loyang Crescent
    Singapore 508988
    Tel: 65-6545-0110
    Fax: 65-6545-0137

  • XPak Expandable Liner Hanger

    Designed to run with most liner applications, XPak uses proven technology for results.

  • FlowBoss Surge Reduction Tool

    The TIW FlowBoss™ Surge reduction Tool saves you time and money when running in liner systems.

  • Casing Pulling Tool

    Our Casing Pulling Tool (CPT) retrieves casing in applications where the drilling rig or work string does not have sufficient capacity.

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As a recognized industry leader in completion solutions, TIW, A Dril-quip Company, offers a complete line of Liner Hanger Systems, Expandable Liner Systems, Completion Packers, Safety & Kelly Valves and Window Cutting Products. TIW has a long and proud tradition of bringing new and innovative solutions to the oil and gas industry and our products have been utilized in every major producing region of the world. Our highly experienced personnel provide extensive operational knowledge, engineering expertise and are committed to working with our customers to ensure professional, reliable and safe implementation of technologies to meet the challenging environment of today's oil & gas exploration. >> Click to learn about our product solutions.
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